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Zoning, Land Use & Development

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The Committees of the STNC allow stakeholders to help the Neighborhood in the area of work that they wish to participate. If you wish to volunteer your time and expertise, please contact the Chairman of that Committee.

The neighborhood can always use more people to step up and help; even for just a little bit. If everyone helps a little, as a group we can acheive a lot.

Budget (standing) Nina Royal
Oversees STNC budgets, recommends annual budget
Bylaws (ad hoc) Mark Seigel
Reviews current STNC Bylaws and makes recommendations for improvement / change to the STNC Board as needed. Coordinates all changes through DONE.
Elections (ad hoc) Cindy Cleghorn
Oversees elections of the STNC board including approval by DONE, Independent Election Administrator, marketing materials for STNC elections, election events through to the final election results and installation of the new board.
Executive (standing) Mark Seigel
Oversees administrative functions of the STNC and sets the board agendas.

Land Use Committee
(Design Advisory Committee DAC)

Dean Sherer Land use and design. Committee consists of community stakeholders and Board members who shall be appointed as deemed appropriate by the Board. 11 members + 4 alternates. Quorum = 7, 6 votes to pass or fail recommendations.
Outreach Committee (standing) Cindy Cleghorn
Focus on creating and utilizing a community-wide network coordinating efforts through district representatives, group representatives and community stakeholders. The goal is to engage the Sunland-Tujunga community in positive action, keep the community informed about important issues, and to hear the voice of the community so it can guide decisions made by STNC.
Safety Committee (ad hoc) Nina Royal
Meets for public safety issues in Sunland-Tujunga. Makes recommendations to the Board.
Arts & Culture (ad hoc) Vacant The Arts & Culture committee consists of a minimum of 5 Sunland-Tujunga stakeholders with no more than two STNC board members. Purpose: to discuss issues, foster collaboration on projects, and develop ideas to encourage greater community support and involvement in the arts; provide a resource focusing on artists and the creative life of the community; expand awareness of, involvement in, and access to arts and arts experiences; and to help our community use the arts to explore ideas in order to articulate community history, identity and values through telling local stories, giving voice to its citizens, and providing a forum for group action and expression.
Education Committee (ad hoc) Lydia Grant
Meets for public education safety for teachers and students and local school issues in Sunland-Tujunga. Promotes parent involvement and support of our local teachers. Makes recommendations to the Board.
Foothills Corridor Specific Plan Workshops Committee (ad hoc) Cindy Cleghorn
Meets for event planning for the workshop series for the Foothill Blvd. Corridor Specific Plan.

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