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Zoning, Land Use & Development

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City Documents (various)

Canyon Hills Market 2007 Determination Letter

Dare to Prepare, 2007 Earthquake Readiness Campaign "Shift Happens – Secure Your Space"

Historic Cultural Application for Buildings

City Planning Project Application Instructions dated 3-14-06

Amendment to the Boundaries of the Sphere of Influence CF-00-2206 - 4/6/05

Department Of Transportation Congestion Management Program (CMP) 2006 Local Development Report (LDR) dated 8/24/06

EIR Notice for The Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan

Referral Worksheet — City of Los Angeles, Department of Building & Safety

Sunland-Tujunga Community Plan

Foothill Blvd. Corridor Specific Plan (FBCSP) & Design Guidelines Manual

Scenic Preservation Plan Ordinance for San Gabriel/Verdugo Mountains (AKA the Scenic Corridor Plan) 12/19/03

Generalized Summary of Zoning Regulations City of Los Angeles

Tujunga Canyon Boulevard Transportation study Motion by Wendy Gruel 10/6/06

Los Anqeles Neiqhborhood Council Congress Advice Letter dated 1/12/07

LAUSD Abstract: Response to questions about The Youth for Positive Change Program, June 2004

North Valley Citywide Budget Survey Results

STNC Position on the 2007-08 Mayor's Regional Budget Survey

Overview of Mayor's Regional Budget Day Report by Bill Skiles, STNC's representative

Individual Reports:
Economic Development
Emergency Preparadness
Energy & Environment
Priority-based budgeting
Public Safety
Recreational Services and Arts
Youth Programs


Certified Neighborhood Council (CNC) Reports (last 3-4 months)
Early Notification (EN) Entitlement Applications Received by City Planning

02/04/2007 to 02/17/2007

01/21/2007 to 02/02/2007

01/07/2007 to 01/20/2007

12/24/2006 to 01/06/2007

12/10/2006 to 12/23/2006

11/26/2006 to 12/09/2006

11/12/2006 to 11/25/2006

10/29/2006 to 11/11/2006

10/15/2006 to 10/28/2006

10/01/2006 to 10/14/2006

09/17/2006 to 09/30/2006

09/03/2006 to 09/16/2006

08/20/2006 to 09/02/2006

07/23/2006 to 08/05/2006

03/19/2006 to 04/01/2006

City Public Hearing Notices (various)

City Planning Commission hearing on Thursday, March 22, 2007, regarding the Interim Control Ordinance temporarily prohibiting the establishment of new medical marijuana dispensaries (posted 2/23/07)

8737 Fenwick STNC/DAC letter 2/7/07 requesting physical traffic count. (posted 2/13/07)

8737 Fenwick - City Planning Initial Study Assessment Form for Traffic Impacts - 12/12/06 (posted 2/13/07)

11130-60 Oro Vista Avenue (posted 1/27/07)

7101-7111 Foothill (posted 1/27/07)

10189-93 North Tujunga Canyon Blvd / Verizon Wireless (posted 1/27/07)

10189 Tujunga Canyon - Verzon Cell Site Hearing (posted 8/8/06)

6152 Sister Elsie Dr - 4000 sq ft home Application (posted 8/5/06)

7665 W. Heaven Mountain Way Cingular Cell Site Installation Notice (posted 8/5/06)

9627 Hillhaven - Requested Zoning Change Hearing Aug 25, 2006 (posted 8/5/06)

9166 Tujunga Canyon Blvd. (present site of Oakview Convalescent). A copy of the Deputy Advisory Agency Decision letter has been received by the STNC regarding the proposed Vesting Tentative Tract map for up to 25 condos at this site. Posted: 7/19/06

Notice of Intent to revoke building permit for 8668 Foothill Blvd. - Check cashing business (posted 5/27/06)

11451 Dellmont Dr Public hearing Notice - 5/5/05

Alex's Tire (posted 4/21/06)

6155 Foothill - Discount Tire (posted 4/21/06)

9531 Inspiration Way (posted 4/21/06)

Joy Fellowship Church (posted 4/21/06)

8330 McGROARTY - Up to 17 New Homes Development first came to the DAC in October 2004. Refer to the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) (posted 9/6/05)

7018 W. Valmont Street (posted 6/30/05)

11122 North McVine Avenue (posted 6/30/05)

StorQuest Signage – DAC Project Information Form - 4/18/05

11104 N. Oro Vista Ave. (posted 3/9/05)

11130-11160 N. Oro Vista Ave. (posted 3/9/05)

7200 Foothill - L.A. City Planning Department Recommendation (62 pg) regarding the Ford Property and notice of Area Planning Commission Hearing held 11/18/04

Foothill/Commerce - Old Ford Property - Public Hearing 10/1/04

Pinewood Zone Variance and Zoning Administrator's Adjustment - 10/6/04

ATT Conditional Use and Code Varience - 6/30/04

Canyon Market Impostion of Conditions - 6/23/04

Angeles National Golf Club (Red Tail Golf Course) at 9401 Foothill

STNC's letter to Wendy Greuel regarding excavation and grading concerns dated 2/7/07

Canyon Hills

Canyon Hills Information Page

Powerpoint Presentation on how Canyon Hills protects open space to mitigate their destroying endangered species and rare habitat. (posted 2/20/07)

Posted 12/2006 - Final tract maps are still in progress. Questions regarding the final tract maps have not been answered as yet.A notice of grading at the Duke Development was recently posted near 7201 La Tuna Canyon Rd. Check DAC meetings for latest updates.

The Canyon Hills Development Agreement, L.A. City Council File No. 05-1388-S1, Ordinance No.177701 was signed by the Mayor on 7-20-06

October 19, 2005 City Council Agenda

Summary of PLUM hearing held October 3, 2005

Canyon Hills Development Agreement

City Council Slope Density Ordinance Legislative History - 47 page document / William Eick

STNC Position Letter, dated 3/11/05, to the LA City Planning Commission regarding Canyon Hills 2/24/05 LA City Planning Commission Hearing.

LA City Planning Department Recommendation Report Dated February 24, 2005

CAP Views – Volume 1, Issue 15 – Getting Late For Us 2005

February 24, 2005 City Planning Commission hearing in Van Nuys

Commerce Avenue / Olde Towne

Commerce Avenue Restoration Proposal – August 2005

Goldhill Executive Summary - Report on Commercial Revitalization of Commerce Ave. – 6/11/03

Foothill / Commerce Town Center (old Ford Property) *Start construction date: August 2007

For City Determination Letters, Plans and other documents visit the City Planning web site at  and click on Case Information then click on Summary Case Information enter the following in the Search: box      APCNV 2004-2159(SPE)(CU)(SPP)  from there you can click on Documents (PDIS) in upper right corner.

Hillhaven Residential Development / Subdivision at 10604 & 10562 Hillhaven

Hillhaven Subdivision — LA City Planning Dept. Staff Appeal Report - 6/25/04

Hillhaven Subdivision — Councilmember Wendy Greuel's letter to City Planning

Hillhaven Subdivision — STNC Letter to Department of City Planning, Los Angeles

Proposed Home Depot / 8040 Foothill Blvd.

Proposed Home Depot — Information Page

City Appeal Findings Document (32 pages) - dated March 9, 2007

STNC's letter in support of NHDC regarding safety issues at 8040 Foothill dated 2-7-07

Councilmember Wendy Greuel Letter to Gary Booher, Associate Zoning Administrator dated 1/17/07

Councilmember Wendy Greuel Letter to STNC dated 12/22/06

STNC Letter to Wendy Greuel dated 12/14/06 as presented at City Council 12/20/06

Letter to Councilmember Wendy Greuel from City of LA Engineering Dept. dated 12/13/06

Councilmember Wendy Greuel's letter to City Planning Director Gail Goldberg addressing major issues which have a bearing on the appeal by the No2Home Depot Campaign - 11/8/06

STNC DAC Letter to Councilmember Wendy Greuel RE: Proposed Home Depot in Sunland, dated August 21, 2006

Councilmember Wendy Greuel's Letter to the Department of Building and Safety Regarding the No Home Depot Campaign and the STNC - July 24, 2006

Letter from Home Depot's representative, Latham & Watkins - 5/24/06

Councilmember Wendy Greuel's letter Regarding if City's actions in the Northridge Wal-Mart case are applicable to the Sunland Home Depot situation - 1/20/06

Home Depot's Plans - Jan 2006

Overland Consultig - Traffic Impact Analysis

LADOT'S Traffic Assessment

No Home Depot letter to Mayor Elect Villaraigosa dated June 24, 2005

Home Depot letter to Dale Thrush dated June 16, 2005

STNC's May 20, 2005 letter to Home Depot

Mayor Hahn's Letter opposing Home Depot in Sunland Tujunga

Home Depot Environmental Noise Assessment - 3/24/05

Master Land Use Permit Application - 1/21/05

Site Plans - 1/21/05

Colors & Materials - 1/21/05

PDF Copy of KMart Closing - 1/21/05 Daily News Article

Kmart & Home Depot Update: Survey

Kmart & Home Depot Update: Where to Write

Letter From Kmart

KMart STNC Position Paper

Affordable Housing / Inclusionary Zoning Housing Ordinance

Mansionization / FAR / Interim Control Ordinance (ICO)

Mansionization/FAR/ICO Information Page

Neighborhood Character Ordinance - Notice of Open House & Public Hearings held in March 2007

Latest Draft regarding the Sunland-Tujunga FAR/ICO update dated Feb. 2007

Motion presented by Wendy Greuel 1/29/07 regarding attic space being including in the floor area calculation for properties subject to the mansionization ordinance

Ordinance No. 176908 (CF 04-2085) RE: building permits in S-T, Sept 12, 2006

Current Code Requirements Abbreviated

What is Zoning?

Determining the Size of a Single Family Dwelling

FAR Proportional Stories Rule

Frequently Asked Questions

Proposed Single-Story Height District

New Definition for Single-Family Floor Area

Proposed Residential Plan Review Process

Revised Floor Area Chart

Proposed Single Story Height District

FAR Planning Commission Approval January 2005

STNC FAR Position Paper Dated August 12, 2004

Union Rescue Mission / Hope Garden Facility - Kagel Canyon

Oak Tree Ordinance

Tujunga Watershed Workshop

Handout from Watershed meeting held 2/6/07

STNC Tujunga Watershed Workshop (10/9/06) Recommendations

Tujunga Watershed – The River Project link

Goals and Objectives - 10/9/06 Workshop

Flyer - 10/9/06 Workshop

Agenda - 10/9/06 Workshop

Tujunga Watershed Council & Stakeholders 2003 Year-End Report

Lopez Canyon Truck Driving School Documents

Draft MND Lopez Canyon Cover Letter

Draft MND Lopez Canyon

Draft MND Lopez Canyon Main Document


STNC Documents

Current STNC Bylaws Version 3.00

STNC Bylaws Version 2.95

STNC Bylaws Version 2.93

PROPOSED Bylaws changes to the STNC Board Structure

Chart of PROPOSED Bylaws changes to the STNC Board Structure

Bylaws Tier 1 changes approved by STNC Board and submitted to DONE (105 pages)

Bylaws V2.72 Approved by DONE August 29, 2003

STNC Interest Form

Sunland-Tujunga Boundary Map

Sunland-Tujunga & Foothill Trails District Neighborhood Councils Boundary Information Page

Getting projects approved in the City of Los Angeles – DAC presentation at 5/11/05 STNC meeting

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Handouts

STNC Code Of Civility - October 2006

STNC Reimbursement Form

STNC Support Request Form

STNC Volunteer Bank

STNC 2004 Board Election Results

STNC 2003 Board Election Result

Transcript of STNC Certification Hearing on May 27, 2003

Letter to DONE RE: City Controler Audit of DONE in November 2006 - dated 1/31/07

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