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Verdugo Hills Stormwater Project Concept Report
Appendix B - CHRONO Verdugo Support Letters
Appendix C - Pollutant Load Model Results
Appendix D - Income Valuation
Appendix E - Golf Article & Cover letter
Appendix F - (revised) Verdugo Aqua Range combined

Prop "O" Citizen's Oversight Advisory Committee Agenda for 4/18/2012


For the  most up to date news regarding Saving the Verdugo Hills Golf Course, please go to:


Verdugo Hills Golf Course Draft Environmental Impact Report
DEIR link.
VHGC Appendix F-1

5/20/09 ACTION ALERT --

The Verdugo Hills Golf Course DEIR HAS BEEN RELEASED.
All neighbors are encouraged to review and submit comments by the comment deadline 7-20-09.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for proposed development of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course has been released by the City of Los Angeles. The developer, MWH Development/Snowball Investments, is proposing the following: To construct 229 single family detached units on a project site of approximately 58 acres. The homes would be two-stories in height, with four bedrooms and would have an average floor area of approximately 2,200 square feet. Each unit would have a two car garage; in addition the project would provide ¼ guest parking space per unit for a total of approximately 57 guest spaces. Approximately 25 acres of the 58-acre project site are currently developed with a golf course and supporting uses, all of which would be demolished. The proposed homes would be constructed on the portion of the site currently occupied by the golf course. The remaining portions of the project site would be retained as open space.
The full DEIR document is available from the City Planning Department's web site. Here's what you do. Go to - then click on Environmental - then Draft EIR. Scroll til you come to Verdugo Hills Golf Course Project. Currently it is the second one. When you click on the name it will take you to the following link Scroll down and you will see the DEIR sections and DEIR Technical Appendices. If you have difficulty, please contact the STNC office at 818-951-7411 or any STNC Board member. Printed copies of the DEIR are available upon request and at cost. Also, CDs of the entire document are available too. A physical copy is available at the STNC office. You can also find out updates and join with other neighbors to comment by attending STNC meetings. A Town Hall meeting is being scheduled and the developer will also be holding a community meeting to show his plans. More info on these events as plans come together.
For more Resources & Information & to get involved, check these websites:, and
If you wish to submit comments following review of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) please submit them in writing by July 20, 2009. Send comments to: David J. Somers, Project Coordinator Room 750, City Hall Department of City Planning 200 North Spring Street Los Angeles, California 90012 with a copy to: STNC, 7747 Foothill Blvd., Rm 101, Tujunga, CA 91042

Posted 1/22/2009


The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is expected to be released to the public early in February 2009.  The STNC has requested a 90-day comment period (STNCVHGC90dayRqst.pdf) to allow the community time to review the DEIR which is expected to offer two or three possible proposals for development of the site.  It is not definite that we will be granted 90-days so we encourage you to write to Councilwoman Wendy Greuel with your own request.

Once the DEIR is released, we will post links here at the STNC web site.  The STNC will also host community meetings with the developer, MWH Development.  Dates to be announced.
Community efforts continue to “Save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course”, preserve it in perpetuity and expand its recreational opportunities.  You can participate in this effort by visiting the “Save the Verdugo Hills Golf Course” web site at

Verdugo Hills Golf Course Project  — Section 15105(a) of the CEQA Guidelines states:

“The public review period for a draft EIR should not be less than 30 days nor longer than 60 days except in unusual circumstances.”

With this statute in mind, we should accept no less than 60 days and, in our letters to Wendy Greuel, we must state the reasons why this EIR is unusual enough to warrant an extension to 90 days.
Among those reasons why this Draft EIR is unusual:

This is a highly complex and difficult EIR which includes numerous project alternatives, significant and unavoidable adverse impacts, and mitigation measures.

As proof, the developer and his consultant have taken more than a year to prepare this document. It is clearly unfair for members of the community, who are not paid experts and who will be most affected by this project, to be given less than roughly 25% of that time to review and comment on the Draft EIR.

The Administrative Draft Initial Study, dated October 4, 2007, lists 54 Potentially Significant Impacts resulting from the project. With a list this numerous, the public must be given a reasonable opportunity to review and comment on the Draft EIR.

Potentially unavoidable and adverse impacts listed in the Draft Initial Study include the following:

  • Aesthetics

  • Air Quality

  • Biological Resources

  • Cultural Resources

  • Geology and Soils

  • Hydrology and Water Quality

  • Land Use Planning

  • Noise

  • Population and Housing

  • Public Services

  • Recreation

  • Traffic and Circulation

  • Utilities

Again, your letter must make the case that the sheer number of possible negative impacts requires thoughtful and serious review by the members of the public who will be affected by the project. Anything less than 90 days short changes this process and favors the developer.

This project is keenly important to the residents of Sunland-Tujunga and surrounding communities who will be directly affected by the impacts of this project. To grant them anything less than an adequate amount of time to review and comment on a project that will impact them so significantly, is patently unfair and flies in the face of CEQA.

If you would like to quote the law, here’s a few choice samples:

Members of the public hold a “privileged position” in the CEQA process; such status reflects both “a belief that citizens can make important contributions to the environmental protection and. . . notions of democratic decision-making. . .” – Concerned Citizens of Costa Mesa, Inc. v. 32nd District Agricultural Association (1986).

“Each public agency should include provisions in its CEQA procedures for wide public involvement, formal and informal, consistent with its existing activities and procedures, in order to receive and evaluate public reactions to environmental issues related to the agency’s activities.” – CEQA Guidelines Section – 15201

The courts have described EIRs as “environmental ‘alarm bells’ whose purpose is to alert the public and its responsible officials to environmental changes before they have reached ecological points of no return.” – County of Into v. Yorty (3rd Dist. 1973)

“A paramount consideration is the right of the public to be informed in such a way that it can intelligently weigh the environmental consequences of any contemplated action and have an appropriate voice in the formation of any decision.” – Environmental Planning and Information Council v. County of El Dorado (3rd Dist. 1982).

All of these statements speak to the need for the public to be given a reasonable amount of time to review a document which will be hundreds of pages long and filled with technical detail that is often more complex than a lay person can reasonably understand and review in a shortened time frame. The request for 90 days has precedent, both in the City of Los Angeles and elsewhere, and a 90-day comment period is the only fair means of providing the public with the opportunity to ensure that the document is thorough, accurate, and fair.

Send your request to:
The Honorable Wendy Greuel
Councilwoman, District 2
Los Angeles City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Room 475
Los Angeles, CA 90012

With a copy to:
David Somers, Environmental Review Coordinator
Department of City Planning
Los Angeles City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Room 750
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Posted 1/19/2008

Our community is united in opposition and many new people packed the room at North Valley City Hall this past Thursday, January 17 for the Scoping Meeting. Several city planning personnel were at the meeting to answer questions. Also attending were Dale Thrush, Jim Dantona and Jackie Keene from Councilmember Wendy Greuel's office.  Mark Handel, attended on behalf of the owners, representing MWH Development along with his architect and other staff.  Mr. David Somers, who conducted the meeting took time to answer a lot of questions.  There was a chance after he described the process to speak with all of the parties and give input and ask questions.  The current deadline for written comments to have included for the City's review process is January 31, and all concerned parties are strongly encouraged to submit their comments to the City of Los Angeles by that date which is the deadline to receive comments from the public for incorporation to the process of tthe review.

Posted 1/9/2008
Notice of Preparation - Environmental Impact Report
Public Comment Deadline EXTENDED to Jan 31, 2008!
Attend the Public Scoping Meeting
Thursday, January 17, 2008 - 6:30pm
NVCH - 7747 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga

Posted 11/29/2007

Verdugo Hills Golf Course
Notice of Preparation - Environmental Impact Report
Public Comment Deadline is Dec. 28, 2007

To view the Notice click here

Posted 10/11/2007

MWH Development has submitted an application to the City for a 223 home development.

The developer has agreed to conduct a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the development however, to our knowledge, that process has not yet begun.

There is strong support for preservation of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course between the City of Los Angeles, City of Glendale and Los Angeles County.

To view the application click here

To view the STNC's position click here

MWH Development returned to present updated plans.  The new plans are preliminary ideas and will keep all development within the existing footprint of the current golf course site and include up to 269 residential units all attached to each other but with separate addresses.  A proposed 9-hole golf course will surround the residential units throughout the site which are to be 4.3 units per acre. There will be a group of "stacked flats where the driving range exists now.  Of the 63 acres owned by MWH Development, 46 will remain as open space which MWH "may consider" deeding to the City.  The developer, Mr. Mark Handel stated that they recognize this is an important issue and it will be part and parcel to the ongoing entitlement action.  Mr. Handel also commented that they intend to fully comply with the Community Plan, unit count, clustering of homes, slope density and what is allowed "by right".  The only deviation from the General Plan that they are requesting is to build an attached product versus a multi-family detached product, as called for in the General Plan. The reason for "attached" is because they will then be able to "save the golf course".  Mr. Handel is anxious to work with the community every step of the way through this project as well as CD2 (Wendy's office). Several concerns were addressed regarding ingress and egress issues and traffic issues along Tujunga Canyon Blvd. A traffic study has already been completed.  Also, concern that a 9-hole golf course will be economically viable, maintenance of the grounds in the future, desire to keep the driving range and the design of the units. MWH has a web site at and assures the community that there will be good design.

The DAC voted to appoint a team to work with Mr. Handel regarding the design, colors and appearance of the units as well as address other issues of concern.  

If you are interested in being a part of this team, Contact DAC Chairman, Victor Castro at e-mail:

Posted 7/18/05

No News There is no new news on the golf course. If you are interested in the Verdugo Hills Golf Course you can:

Fill out and send in a questionnaire.

Write a letter to Councilwoman Wendy Greuel.

Play at the golf course! You know the old saying: "Use it or lose it." If the community does not play or use the golf course why should it remain open? Food for thought. If you do not play golf you must know somebody who does. Buy them a gift from the Pro Shop. Golfers love golf related gifts even if it's just golf balls, a golf towel, a shirt, or hat from another course. If you don't play golf or don't know anybody who does then consider just going into the Putt Stop once in a while and treating yourself to a burger or a beer.

Posted 6/20/05

Verdugo Hills Golf Course Update
Crescenta Valley Town Council Meeting, June 16

The Crescenta Valley Town Council discussed the proposed redevelopment of Verdugo Hills Golf Course at their meeting last night. Several councilmembers told of having attended the June 7 meeting in Tujunga where the developer's proposals were presented.

Councilmember Toyon said they had talked with the developer's representative at the meeting and made it clear that the CVTC should have been included/invited to the June 7 meeting, that any redevelopment of VHGC impacted their community as well as Sunland-Tujunga. The CVTC will be notified of any future meetings.

One member who attended the June 7 meeting said that she had discouraged prior to the meeting, figuring that the redevelopment was a done deal. She was impressed by the strong community turn out at the meeting, and the vocal opposition that was expressed that night. She came away from that meeting with more confidence, thinking that something better could be achieved regarding VHGC.

Bob Schiele, from the Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council, spoke about the redevelopment. The CVTC was very appreciative of the information Bob shared with them.

The council wants to know more about what is going on, what are the options. One member mentioned suggested that Los Angeles County parks department should be contacted, that the golf course is definitely a recreational resource that should be saved. I don't remember how it was described but something to the effect that the ratio between parks and people is below the target range in the Los Angeles county area.

Posted 6/13/05

Verdugo Hills Golf Course Update

We had a strong showing of over 200 people for the Open House/Town Hall meeting on June 7th. Representatives from many organizations showed up including Kristin Asadourian from Wendy Greuel's office.

Dale Thrush made a presentation regarding the current zoning of the golf course property and answered numerous questions.

Many in attendance spoke during the "public comment" portion of the evening; those who did speak were against the proposed developments of the property, although some did offer suggestions for other usage. Please see the meetings minutes (PDF format) for more detailed information. Questionnaire's were passed out to all in attendance and feedback will be made known at a later date. (Note: Both the developers and DAC/STNC had questionnaires.)

DAC/STNC Questionnaires are still available and the DAC/STNC encourages everybody in the community to fill one out.

Posted 6/13/05

The Crescenta Valley Town Council will be discussing the redevelopment of Verdugo Hills Golf Course at their next meeting, Thursday, June 16. It will be held at the CV Sheriff's Station at 7pm. If you can attend the meeting on June 16 it would be a great opportunity to let your opinion be heard.

The CVTC web site has images of what the developer's presented to the public at Tuesday's June 7th STNC Town Hall Meeting. Here is a link to the images. You can see what the developer, WWH, Inc are proposing. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Posted 6/3/05

Town Hall Meeting, Tuesday, JUNE 7, 2005 • 7:00 PM

Tujunga Cyn Blvd & La Tuna Cyn Rd

PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT: Come to the North Valley Neighborhood City Hall (formally the Muni Bldg) to hear about the proposed development on the site of the Verdugo Hills Golf Course.

320 + Detached Townhouses * Canyon Hills proposes 280 homes

A 300,000 Sq Ft + Retail Shopping Center With 1,100 Parking Spaces

PROPOSAL #3: ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Marathon Communications – Developer’s Representative
MWH, Inc. – Developer
Dale Thrush – Planning Deputy for Councilmember Wendy Greuel


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